2020 Asia Youth Assembly

Youth Assembly for Democratic Resilience in the Asia Pacific

The international community is currently faced with grave challenges stemming from the democratic crisis that continues to progress. Therefore, the urgency demands global cooperation, solidarity, unity, novelty, and social action.  Youth have been at the forefront of resilience and continues to do so today. It is now time to gather in solidarity to strengthen our resilience as a youth. To do this we call for an Asia Pacific Youth Assembly. This will be held in conjunction with The Indonesian Human Rights Festival 2020, co-hosted by the National Human Rights Commission of the Republic of Indonesia (Komnas HAM), Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, the local government of West Kalimantan, and the International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID) The youth assembly 2020 will be a space to convene youth organizations, individuals, and movements in Asia and the Pacific (and other continents) for solidarity expression and to build unity among different groups who share common values on democracy and human rights. The assembly is essential in enhancing our commitment to pushing back on democracy regression and reclaiming the loss-civic space on all democracy fronts. The urgency of the situation demands global cooperation, solidarity, unity, novelty, and social action.  We recognize the youth movement has become an inspiration as they brave themselves to all the risks to organize action and come to the streets to voice their demands. In history, youth has always become the force that always rises when state-order is no longer trusted. Youth power becomes a critical entity in joining other democrats across the world to promote and defend democracy.  In this virtual assembly, Youth will inspire each other, to chase common actionable campaigns and strategize on how to further enhance youth and civic resilience to democracy. 

Who can Participate

  • Youth, organizations, and community, or self-driven youth on advocating human rights and democracy 
  • The student movement, or social movement held by the youth concerning human rights and democracy issues
  • Youth parliamentarians, and Youth political affiliation groups


Video Campaign: Message or art performance

We want to highlight the youth through a video campaign. Please, send us a video with messages or even an art performance. Tell us why you fight for democracy and/or why democracy and human rights are important to you. This will be displayed a week leading up to the event on social media. The message structures shall contain the following structure: 

  • Who are you – Name, organization, country. 
  • Expression of encouragement on what you do to enrich democracy awareness, and what is solidarity among the youth means to you 


Please, send your video clips to adn@adnasia.org with Sub: Youth Assembly Video in the subject line.